The Radiator BOOster tells you what it's doing, signalling a red LED to confirm that mains power is present, a green LED to indicate that the radiator temperature has been reached and the fan is active, and a flashing green LED to indicate that the radiator is cooling down.

The running cost of the Radiator BOOster is less than £0.30 (€0.35, $0.50) per annum. Due to it's unique energy saving abilities, the Radiator BOOster usually pays for itself in under 8 weeks.

When the Radiator BOOster technology was independently tested by Which Magazine (April 2011), they concluded the following:
"Our test lab found that with the radiator booster fitted, the room heated up more quickly, the thermostat needed to come on less often and energy consumption dropped"

Radiator BOOster is a patented, but simple to use technology that maximises the efficiency of your central heating radiators. By "sucking up" the lost heat from behind your radiator and gently circulating it around the room, the Radiator BOOster  mixes warm and cold spots, giving you a consistent, even room temperature for less heat. This efficiency means that on average the room thermostat can be reduced by 1 to 3 degrees Celsius, giving an average money saving of around £140 (€160, $225) per annum.

The Radiator BOOster  is manufactured from rigid, recyclable plastic and blends easily into any room. At its heart is an efficient fan to gently move the warm air around the room, which mixes the entire air in an average room every 90 minutes. With intelligent electronics, the Radiator BOOster only circulates the air when the radiator exceeds 30 degrees Celsius, so ensuring no energy is ever wasted.


Savings will vary considerably from home to home due to differing heating requirements, outside temperatures, building insulation, room temperatures preferred, heating boiler age and efficiences, room sizes, and so on. Any figures and suggested savings quoted are for guidance purposes only, however we are confident that in most standard cases, all these savings are achievable when using Radiator BOOster ® throughout your home/building.


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